2017 feedback


With thanks, I would like to acknowledge receipt of 6 sets of computers through Mr. Justin Kamwendo of SWED.

On behalf of Naizi CDSS students I say thank you.

This is a good development as the availability of these computers will help students to come to terms with the ICT trend at an early stage.

However, we would like to ask that you consider more of the same for us in the near future since the number of students is bigger.

We will be looking forward to having a fantastic working relationship with you.

Judith Vilili
Head teacher

Naizi Community Day Secondary School



Molima is passing on greeting to all who visited Malawi and all of the Glasgow team. I would like to thank you all for the tremendous work you are doing in Malawi and for the wonderful gifts you give us they just come at the right time when we needed them you asked if we needed anything, yes blankets and pillows and for the computers the one you give us has no camera so one with a new system would be better.

Once more to the all Glasgow team thank you so much for the wonderful good Lord work you are doing not only to Molima but everywhere in Malawi.

Secondly the concern that you showed to the death of our Father the late Mr Isaac Banda therefore on behalf of the Banda Family do say thank you very much may the wonderful good Lord continue blessing you all bye for now.

Bye from Molima
George Banda
Molima Orphanage



Today Fountain of Life offices received 2 Desktops. We wish to thank you for this donation. Its timely and will ease our office operations. If there are more opportunities in future for our 7 One stop Centers, we will be grateful if you could consider us.

Kind regards,
Sylvia Namakhwa,

Fountain of Life



On behalf of members of staff of Lilongwe Prison and the entire department of prison I am in the position to convey my graduate for the donation of ten desk computers donated to the said station.

Let's strengthen our mutual relationships between two partners and we are not taking it for granted but respecting your heart of given.

With regards
Lilongwe Prison



Your consignment of Washing Machines and Plastic Mats arrived when we needed them most, for which we are EXTREMELY GRATEFUL.   As you will see from my news and photos attached, we had quite a week .......with the arrival of Bed Bugs as well as washing machines... however, as I said, the arrival of the machines certainly lightened the load (excuse the pun).

Many thanks again, we would have appreciated them anyway, but their timely arrival mean't they were even more appreciated!

Best wishes
Helen Hinde, Open Arms Blantyre



I write to greet you all and provide an update on what we are doing with the computers you gave us.

These computers are handy especially to our students who are learning almost on everything in class about nursing as well as learning how to type assignments on computers, searching information on Internet using these computers in the lab, preparing presentations and many more.

My writing is to again appreciate the good gesture you did by furnishing our laboratory with 20 computers and a laptop.

As Robert said last time " I hope we can further develop the good partnership between Glasgow and Malawi for many years to come".


Sincerely yours,
Sylvester Augustine Chawala
Malawi College of Health Sciences
Zomba Campus



Hie Gillian,

I hereby acknowledge the receipt of the humanitarian goods comprises of 1-2bench top fridges of good use 2-6play mats of good use 3-4boxes of carpentry tools of good use.

As STEKA does not have potential donor would like to thank you for these good on behalf of children themselves and the entire management that the good has come at the right time as STEKA is planning to construct the vocational skills centre Greetings to everyone who contributed these good and make this good possible to be shipped to Malawi Regards Love from STEKA children home

Father founder of STEKA



Thank you very much for the kind donation of the two laptops to our charity, The Scottish Association for Children with Heart Disorders. The laptops will be put to good use by the charity saving us from purchasing the same, allowing us to direct our funds to helping cardiac children. Our charity is made up of parents and friends of cardiac children and all give their time and effort free of charge.

Once again thank you and all in your organisation for this kind donation.

Best wishes
John Fegan
Chair SACHD (Scottish Association for Children with Heart Disorders)



Please find below our Rossall News published today with the story of the arrival of our old school uniform to Kammwamba School.

Many heartfelt thanks for all you've done so kindly for us all to make this a reality by processing and sending off the uniforms.

As you can gather from the article in our newsletter, we are already campaigning for shoes to include with more uniform we've collected. Hopefully we can also get that sent off to Kammwamba School in due course.

Kind greetings
Revd. Etienne van Blerk
Chaplain, Rossall School


In the Summer Term of 2016, keen student volunteers filled and prepared forty big boxes with our old Rossall School uniform, which was so kindly donated by the Rossall parents. Mrs Lauren Platt initiated and coordinated the collection of the old uniform and Mrs Paula Porter then introduced us to Dr Mark and Jill Hendrickse, who have a strong link with a school in Malawi, where they also opened a day orphanage nearby. 

On 4th July 2016, we delivered the clothes to Mr Brian Kelly, a generous charity worker and friend of Dr Hendrickse in Glasgow, where it had to wait for a ship container to be filled up before it could be finally loaded and shipped for free to Malawi on 1st November 2016. 

It took almost four months, but the clothes all arrived safely at their destination in Ncheu, Malawi on 23rd February 2017! The Headteacher, Mr Dzino first opened box numbered 93 containing all the messages which our Rossall students had written on postcards for all the children at Kammwamba School and Miracle Orphanage. They celebrated the arrival of the clothes ceremoniously with jubilant children and teachers! 

We are very grateful our donated uniforms have been so well received and hope to do the same again this year. If you have any clean, old school shoes, trainers and football and rugby boots that are still in good condition to donate, then please drop them off in a bag at the RosShop. The Chapel Committee and Round Square Volunteers will then again pack and process it all to be sent to Kammwamba School, along with the rest of the old school uniform that has been donated since we delivered the first shipment to Glasgow. 



Just to update you that we managed to visit Maula Prison and Kawale Youth Centre yesterday. The prison Officials were happy to hear that you can give them PCS to be used by the Prisoners and the Officials as well. The security is fine and they qualify to have the PCs installed. They said they visited Dedza Prison and were impressed of your computer donation and how it is benefiting the inmates.

As for Kawale Youth centre the rooms are also well secured and they qualify as well.

Both parties are eager to have the computers installed.


Mirriam Manyozo I.T. Manager Lilongwe City Council



Hi Brian,

Belated happy New Year, 2017 to you and the entire Glasgow IT team from Youth and Adult Education and HIV/AIDS Training Centre (YAEHTC) members. We, as an organization, are very grateful to you and your entire team for the support in personal computers which you have been rendering to us during the time most organizations in Malawi are struggling due to lack of financial and material support because most donors pulled out Malawi following the infamous Cashgate Scandal.

The year just gone by, was a very difficult year for the Free Computer Lessons and HIV/AIDS Training programmes due to persistent power black outs in Malawi which last for over 14 hours daily. Frankly speaking, most businesses and operations requiring electricity struggled to cope with these power black outs and small organizations like ours, which have no generators, came to a stand still. We hope that things will improve in the new year.

Charles Jekete, Youth and Adult Education and HIV/AIDS Training Centre (YAEHTC)



Thanks for the response. I have taken too long to acknowledge the receipt of your mails because I had problems with my address.

Hope you had  Blessed Festive for both Xmas and New Year.

Please receive my Hearty BEST WISHES FOR THE NEW YEAR in all your undertakings. Greetings to all collegueas

God Bless
Chancy Anastanzia Mulula, Chisamba Community Day School