Summary of Projects 2012:

IT projects

  • Improved IT infrastructure in local government offices in Lilongwe City Assembly and Dedza City Assembly.
  • Created an IT learning centre at Kamuzu Central Hospital in Lilongwe.
  • Installed IT equipment in a selected number of primary schools in Lilongwe, identified by Lilongwe City Assembly.
  • Delivered a programme of enhanced IT training to teaching and technical staff in Lilongwe and Dedza City Assemblies.
  • Reviewed previous IT installations and introduced IT inventory system to Lilongwe and Dedza Assemblies

    Other Projects
  • Held preparatory discussions to plan for refurbishment of Lilongwe City Health Clinic in partnership with City Building Glasgow and Lilongwe City Assembly.
  • Undertook maintenance work, including installation of new windows, at Prosthetics and Orthotics Clinic at Kamuzu Central Hospital, in partnership with the charity 500 Miles.
  • Revisited Hansen's Disease management centre at Utale to discuss ongoing and future support.
  • Undertook monitoring visits to orphan feeding programmes and projects currently being funded through the Lord Provost's Malawi Fund

Physio 2012

The full report from 2012 can be accessed here:

pdf icon 2012 - Malawi Final Report [355kb]