2008 Projects

Building Project

Following extensive discussions with the Ministry of Health in Malawi and working in partnership with the charity 500 Miles and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Glasgow, the following project was completed in September 2008:-

  • Built a prosthetics and orthotics workshop at Kamuzu Central Hospital, Lilongwe.

IT Projects

Working in partnership with the Ministry of Education and the District Education Authorities in Lilongwe and Blantyre, the following projects were also completed in September 2008:-

  • Installed IT equipment in the Stella Maris School in Blantyre (a school for AIDS orphans).
  • Delivered a programme of enhanced IT training to teaching staff in Blantyre.
  • Installed IT equipment in four schools identified by the District Education Authority in Lilongwe and delivered a programme of initial training, where required.
  • PCs installed in Lilongwe City Assembly offices and the Interdenominational Pastoral Care Centre.

Other Projects

  • Monitoring visits to projects currently being funded.
  • Money donated by Novar Nursery School, Glasgow was used to restore clean water supplies to four villages in the Blantyre area.
  • New water pump installed at Malabada on behalf of Play Soccer Malawi.

Pilot Solid Waste Management Project

Officers from Land and Environmental Services undertook an exchange of good practice project with Lilongwe City Assembly on a solid waste management pilot project. This followed discussions initiated during September 2007 with Cleansing officers in Lilongwe City Assembly.

The project focused on the collection and disposal of solid waste. Two refuse collection vehicles were sourced from commercial operators in the UK and shipped to Malawi. Spare parts for the vehicles and in excess of 300 wheelie bins were also sent.

Engineering and cleansing staff from Malawi visited Glasgow in July 2008 to see, at first hand, how a modern solid waste collection operation is conducted and how a modern landfill is constructed and operated.

An officer from Land and Environmental Services spent one week in Malawi in September 2008, working with Cleansing officers in Lilongwe City Assembly to develop a commercial refuse collection route.

Lilongwe City Assembly is currently collating data in order to demonstrate a significant rise in income due to the new and improved commercial collection service. It is anticipated that this additional income will be used to improve domestic collection services within Lilongwe.

This exchange of good practice was funded, in part, by the Scottish Government's International Development Fund, via the Commonwealth Local Government Forum.