2015 feedback



I do not know if somebody already wrote to you about the subject. I just wanted to let you know that we received the scales and we appreciate for the donation.


I am a Pharmacist at Zomba Central Hospital (ZCH) in Malawi and I acknowledge that we received the children scales and as a Malawian I am very grateful for your aid. Its helping us a lot such as in Nutrition Rehabilitation Unit (NRU) ward. You know Malawi as a developing country we lack such equipments and other medical supplies and receiving such a donation is a great honor to our hospital.

Sorry for late acknowledgement, its because of lack of proper internet access. Do not hesitate to communicate to us if you have something for us, we will always remain grateful.



Nelson Nyoloka
Zomba Central Hospital, Pharmacy department



I would like to let you know that the 2015 Malawi Visit organised by Glasgow City Council was indeed a great visit this year.

The I T Team did a tremendous job by installing PCs in the schools both primary and secondary and also this time around the Civic office benefited alot through your donations as we had more PCs given to us and a number of used laptops which have been of great use to the Council.

The Teachers from Various schools within Lilongwe and the Council Staff had an opportunity to have advanced computer trainning by Faye Shaw who took the initiative to teach them during her stay in Malawi.

The skills they learned helped them alot to know and make good use of the computers.

We as I T Team we learn so many things during these visits as we share technology and new ideas by working together with the Glasgow I T Team.

If possible we would appreciate if you could consider sending us other laptops, windows 7 desktops, printers and scanners for the Council and PCs for the schools as we have many requests for the provision of used computers from Lilongwe Urban schools this year at least  one computer to each school  as they have a very large large volume of work in this year's cohort tracking program which is continous.

The Council has a socials football and netball teams but we do lack sports equipment like football kit, assorted football boots, assorted ladies snikers, footballs and netballs.

Please extend our thanks to the Lord Provost,Gillian and yourself for all the support you provide to Lilongwe City Council and the Schools each and every year. I know it is not easy to  provide all the materials and the support for the I T Projects but you try your best.


On behalf of  the Chief Executive of Lilongwe City Council, Directors and Management of Lilongwe City Council and on my own behalf I would like to say thank you to you for everything done and given to us as a donation.



Mirriam Manyozo



Thanks so much for your donation of 2 more computers to Children of Blessing Trust.  It is an amazing way to support our program.  Now that the power is back on in Area 25 we have seen that both computers are working well.  Elina has already set her computer up and can see that it is much faster than the last one she had.  Omega was working hard at paying school fees last week but is looking forward to getting her computer up and running on Monday.  

We really appreciate your ongoing support of our program.  We do not take it for granted!

Thanks so much for thinking of us once again!

Sorry I missed you this time.  We were having our Epilepsy Clinic on Thursday and it was a very busy clinic with over 50 clients with Epilepsy coming to see the doctor and get their medication.  Hopefully we can connect next time!

Kathy Bowler, Director of Children of Blessing Trust



Dear Brian,

I hope you are fine. Sorry to have taken long to respond to your email on computers. I talked to the head teacher of Stella Maris and she is very happy with the consideration. She has many students who would like to have computer knowledge and skills but the school was failing to accommodate them all due to shortage of computers. 

Blantyre Urban DEM and Coordinating PEA have also welcomed the offer and they cannot wait! However Blantyre Urban has suggested that the new consignment should go to the remaining three zones namely: Zingwangwa, Chilomoni and Limbe. These zones have no computers and they need them so that their teachers can benefit too. The other issue they raised is about space in the TDC (zone) which were supplied earlier.

In terms of condition and status of the first computers at South Lunzu and Bangwe the computers are there and most of them are functional. The sad news is that at Ndirande TDC robbers broke into the TDC and went way with a good number of them despite putting burglar bars to protect them. Ndirande is a prone area and they can not guarantee the safety of the new consignment. 

I hope you will find this in order.

Best Regards

Ruth Samati, District Education Manager for South West Education Division

Thanks for the update of the computers in correspodence with Brian. However on point of correction Zingwangwa too was among the recepients on the first consignment. Only Limbe and Chilomoni didn't. But if Brian could include the office of the CPEA,ACPEA and DOPE on the list In order to facilitate compilation of zonal as well as school reports.  We shall appreciate indeed.


Mercy Nhlema,