2018 feedback



Dear Sir,


I write to express my vote of thanks for the computers that our office in Mwanza received from you through Enock Zahluso on 1st December, 2018.


Let me assure you that these computers will improve data management in our district. Currently the computers have been distributed to two zones, Primary School Senior Inspector's office, Accountant's office and Coordinating Primary Education Advisor's office.

I wish you all the best during Xmas and New Year celebrations.

Yours Faithfully,

The District Education Manager, Mwanza




Many thanks to Professor Kelly for allowing the Glasgow team to bring a Laptop to Molima office. Happy Christmas wishes and all that you do, have a wonderful time together.

Once more thanks from the Molima children who have sent their best happy Christmas wishes for a prosperous New Year to all the Glasgow team.


Bye for now.

From George
Molima Orphanage, Dedza



I am Alex, the Director of Chikondi Orphan Care,

I appreciate the 2 boxes for Orphaned children,


May God bless you,

Best Regards,
Alex, Director
Chikondi Orphan Care



Dear Sir,

Greetings from the Warm Heart of Africa, Malawi.

My sincere apologies for the long silence but I hope it's still not too late. 

I am glad to hear you had safe travels back to Scotland. 

May I also take this opportunity to thank you for the installation of the computers and for the laptops. They are already benefiting our facilities and helping immensely in our daily activities. We are still making progress on the internet connectivity since the office caught fire but at least there is WiFi!

Once again thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you in future Opportunity permitting. 


Ms. Wandika G.C. Phiri (CCP)



Thanks indeed for your consideration, I really appreciate your good will.

I also very much appreciate the two boxes of the printer papers since we have a challenge here to have printing papers and you also try your best to send them on each and every consignment. More papers makes my work easier.

I wish you well and all the best. Thanks indeed that we managed to meet again this year for the support of the project. It is my hope that yourself and Gillian and the entire Glasgow  ICT Team will come again next year and work as a Team for the success of the Project.

Beyond this On my own behalf and indeed the Lilongwe City Council would like to say a big thank you to the Glasgow Team for helping us in various humanitarian aid and also the ICT spares which helps us a lot and makes our work much easier including all the computers and other assorted items you bring along for us to use.

I know you work tirelessly to arrange and pack the shipping for us I do not take this for granted its not easy thanks so much. And may you pass my appreciation to the Lord Provost who always takes care of the ICT Team on each Team visit through Sammy, yourself and Gillian.

Thanks a lot and God bless you all for your overwhelming team spirit to the Council and also your well organized Plan and efforts you share with us each and every year you visit Malawi.

My appreciation also to Sammy and the girls this year they did a commendable job despite their short stay. We Indeed worked as a a team and learned  a lot from them being humble always and doing a good job.

My regards to Gillian who is always there for me and the entire Glasgow ICT Team.


Kind Regards,
Mirriam Manyozo I.T. Manager Lilongwe City Council



Thank you for the computers donated to Kamuzu Central Hospital.
Looking forward to a continued working relationship.

Thokozani Kamwendo
ICT Officer
Kamuzu Central Hospital, Lilongwe



Dear Sir,

I wish to acknowledge on behalf of the Camp Manager the receipt of 5 PCS and 2 laptops for for the refugee operation in Malawi.

Further more we also received the writing pads and underwear for the children.

I wish to report that these items were well received and we are very grateful for the gesture. The equipment was installed in Dzaleka Refugee Camp and has had a huge impact towards addressing the gaps we have in the operation. As stated earlier, as donor funds are diminishing, the number of persons of concerns continues to rise in the country and hence an increase in  demand for resources. We now receive an average of 600 new arrivals a month and the resource basket has been reducing. The refugees still require our assistance and support and therefore all assistance rendered to the Government of Malawi and to the refugee operation in the country is always welcome.

I cannot over emphasise how grateful we are for all you do for the operation. May the good lord continue to bless you and all the partners involved in the initiative.

We look forward to hearing from you soon as we still require your assistance.


Hilda Kausiwa,
Dzaleka refugee camp



Dear Sir/Madam,

We wish to thank you for the donations we received. They were timely.

Our 2 officers were struggling a lot due to lack of computers. It will make their work easier.

We also appreciate some sundries (under garments) we received. Under wear can also be helpful to our work. We provide comfort items to our clients when they come for counselling. Most of the clients we serve are aged between 13 and 16 who come with cases of defilement and receiving such items can be a soul lifting thing.

We look forward to your next visit and support to our organization.

Attached are the items we received.


Sylvia Namakhwa,
Fountain Of Life



We hope from Molima that you and everyone travelled safely from Malawi to Glasgow. It was really a good day and wonderful time to see you come again to Molima. The Molima kids who really thanked you for the gifts you left with us. Hopefully next time when you visit Malawi Molima in particular you will be with us longer than that thanks once more.


Bye for now from George,

Molima Orphanage, Dedza



Dedza is good hoping that you are good too that side. I would like to thank you for an untimely support you always render to Dedza district council each and every time.

This year we also had a Sammy and friends who helped the council by installing and repairing PCs. This year we had many PCs, laptops and cell phones. We don't take it for granted we really appreciate your timely assistance.


Looking forward to continued support through our partnership.

With thanks

Ellis Tembo,
Dedza District Commissioner




Thank you very much for always coming to our rescue. We will remember your contribution to the College for many years to come. 


Best regards

Pearson B M Namachotsa
College Registrar
Central Office
Malawi College of Health Sciences



Morning and a very big thank you to you too and the whole team whom we worked together this year.

My regards to all and just to update you myself, Robert and Sydney visited Mzuzu Prison last Saturday. we gave the Officer in charge Mr. Zacheuuss Mbawa 2 laptops and 4 desktops. We delivered these on your behalf and he was very thankful indeed. I will post you the Prison visit pictures this week for your records so that you can also pass onto to Brian for other humanitarian aids goods which the Prison needs.


Mirriam Manyozo I.T. Manager Lilongwe City Council (Civic Offices)



Greetings from the IPCC,

On behalf of the IPCC management and staff, I wish to express our thankfulness for the cordial support that you have always rendered to us  as an institution. This has been a long partnership to date.

Today the 17th September, Miriam Manyozo  from the City Assembly, came bringing the clothes that you had mentioned.

I am made to believe that you left some time last week. I hope you travelled well and safely reached home.

Once more, the IPCC wish to thank you for your continuous support and understanding. Thanks.







A big THANK YOU for the gift of computers you made to our college a Chongoni in Malawi this week.

We envision to open an Information Resource Centre which will be used by our students and general members of the community surrounding our college. Because of this, we will need additional computers. We will give you more details in the proposal document I will send you in the next couple of days.



Matthews Msakwiza (Principal, Chongoni Community Technical College)




I write to communicate, and appreciate for the contribution of 6 desk top Computers and 1 lap top from Glasgow towards the establishment of an internet café in Zomba, as an income generating activity to support already existing activities of our organisation.

I personally say thanks for these valuable assets. We are still working on logistics and very soon the internet café will be opened at Matawale trading centre. We will start with internet services and continue with other services like printing and photocopying at a later stage when we acquire the right equipment. Once again thanks for your support!


Michael Nyang'ama
Projects Coordinator- Insieme per il Malawi Onlus




On behalf of Umbwi secondary school, I write to thank you for the assistance you give to the school. The computers you send us have greatly eased our teaching. We used to have a 1 computer to 10 students ratio but this has gone down. At the moment the ratio on average is about 1 computer to 6 students.


The computer that came this week will further reduce that ratio.

Should you have used PowerPoint projectors, you help us with them too.

I will send you some photos taken during computer lessons in my next email.

Thank you very much. No words can express how grateful we are.


Kind regards

Brave Nyirongo,
Computer teacher at Umbwi secondary school in Dedza, Malawi



On behalf of Youth Initiative for Community Development (YICOD), I would to thank CGI from Glasgow for donating a computer to our organization. The computer will ease some problems we had in terms of office equipment as well as training students on basic computer knowledge, which we do it for free. We are indeed happy to add this computer to our asset register and will liaise with Dedza council when requesting more. We would also be happy that when you find time next time, come and visit our impact area and appreciate the work that we doing now.

It has been a wonderful moment meeting you and the whole team here and hope to meet next time.

I am wishing you a nice journey together with the team when travel back home to Scotland and hoping to get in touch. Receive my warm and tender regards as well as words of appreciation.

Yours Faithfully,

Andrew Bwanali
Executive Director
Youth Initiative for Community Development (YICOD), Dedza



I hope you have received my email this afternoon in which I sent my profound gratitude towards your contribution of  the 22 desktops and 4 laptops to the commissioners and the chief commissioner of prisons. On behalf of the Malawi Prisons Service let me thank you very much. I don't take this for granted you are indeed a friend in times of need. May God guide you always. Have a good night and the rest of of your days in Malawi. Lastly I wish you a nice journey back to Scotland.


Yafeti Chimodzi
Commissioner responsible for Operations
Malawi Prisons Service



I would like to thank you and your  foundation for the donation of six desktop computers and one Lenovo laptop to Mua School for the deaf. The computers will indeed
help learners of the deaf to learn basic computer skills. May God continue to bless you and your organization as you keep on assisting this school.

Best regards,
Yours faithfully,

Henry Chiwaya
Headteacher, Mua School for the deaf



All went well with the computer installation and we have started using them. Thank you, we hope that you will continue supporting us with some more computers.


Bessam Kalonjeka,
IT Teacher, Stella Maris school


We thank you very much for this kind donation and ensuring that the PCs were fully installed in the designated places. This support will surely go along way in improving the coordination of service provision at this hospital. We will keep in touch with you over their functionality and we shall write a thank you note to  Prof. Brian Kelly and the Glasgow Lord Provost Malawi team.


Andrew Gonani,
Hospital Director,
Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital,




Thank you so much for your continued assistance with donations of computers from Glasgow! We have just received another batch last week brought and installed by Rob McPhee and his team. The computers will help us improve our operations in the academic, clinical and support operations at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Malawi.


We hope you will continue with this kind gesture to us in the future.

Yours sincerely
Jane Mallewa



I write to express profound gratitude from Malawi College of Health Sciences for a donation of five (5) computers that we received on 4th September 2018. The computers will go a long way in the implementation of training programmes at this College. We notice that this donation is one of the many computer donations made to the College by you our colleagues from Glasgow. We are very much thankful for this kindness.

Thank you very much.

Pearson B M Namachotsa
College Registrar
Central Office
Malawi College of Health Sciences



Thank you for the commitment. I am no longer working for Bwaila Hospital nor government. However the goods will be processed by Dr Rambiki, she is the District Medical Officer and we worked together so is able to make the necessary arrangement on the side of Bwaila Hospital.

Lastly, thank you for the ever continuing assistance to the community of Lilongwe in the past and present. I for one appreciate.


Dr Mwawi Mwale
Formerly of Bwaila Hospital, Lilongwe



I would like on behalf of STEKA children to thank you for the support you always give to us.

Let me say that we have received all things you said.

Toiletries and drinking cups.

We are really thank you very much for this support.

As I sent a special request about if there cane be possible to send us more computers.



Love from STEKA children


STEKA (Step Kids Awareness)



Dear Sir,

Greetings from all of us here in the Monastery. I want to say thank  you very  much for the Box No. 272 with Cotton goods. It has just arrived today this morning, the goods which you sent us are much needed at this time. May the good Lord reward you. Thank you for the work you are doing to help all those who are in need. Wishing you blessed New Year 2018.


Sr. Chiara.
Poor Clares Sisters